Unfriended is a horror movie told completely through the screen of a single computer. To be more clear, it shows you the “live” monitor of the main character the whole time. The story unfolds through a series of Skype video chats, as well as other popular sites like YouTube and Facebook. The only top site missing was Twitter (maybe because 250 characters wouldn’t add anything of importance). It is an interesting concept, although quite ridiculous. A group of cyber-bullying teenagers are talking online together on the anniversary of a colleague’s suicide when their chat is visited by an unwanted guest. Harassment ensues. I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

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The Den is a film composed entirely of computer screen footage following a girl’s journey through the dark corners of the internet. She’s doing a study on the movie’s titular website, The Den, when she encounters a sadist who is just getting started with his new killing spree. The website is presented as a Chatroulette/Skype video chatting system. Apart from the site itself, you can see the full interactions of the girl’s desktop, as if you were sitting at her computer yourself.

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