I wanted to see Deliver Us From Evil when it was in theaters last summer but I never got around to it. I was delighted to find it at Redbox yesterday! It follows an NYPD detective who gets pulled into a paranormal case of possession. There have been a few run-of-the-mill entries into the possession genre lately, but this film is a breath of fresh air.

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I had such a hard time finding this movie last night I almost gave up. I could only find it on Comcast Xfinity when I searched a specific way and when I did, there was no option to rent it in HD. So I ended up purchasing my first rental on YouTube. I paid a dollar extra for HD and the highest quality was 480p. Whatever. At this point I was happy enough to be watching the damn thing.

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Some scary movies are so unintentionally bad they make you leave the theater laughing. Others don’t present themselves as comedic until halfway through. In this case, I knew what I was getting into. I heard great things about Juan of the Dead. No, it’s not a sequel to Shaun of the Dead, but it is just as funny in my opinion.

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Every year I have been making a point to watch a Hellraiser movie. They are almost all available on Netflix Instant so if you have some hell-raising to catch up on I suggest you check it out! When I realized the MASSACRE MARATHON was almost over, I turned on the sixth installment, Hellraiser: Hellseeker. I know the farther I get down this long list of sequels, the movies are going to get worse and worse. This one is where the shit really hits the fan.

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♆♆♆- I have already seen this movie.

A random memory popped into my head the other day of a movie from my childhood. I remembered seeing it on the SciFi Channel and on tape plenty of times after that. That movie was the 1993 creature feature Ticks, featuring a very young Seth Green (Family Guy, Austin Powers) and Alfonso Ribeiro (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). I decided to watch it again after many years tick-less.

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