Every year I have been making a point to watch a Hellraiser movie. They are almost all available on Netflix Instant so if you have some hell-raising to catch up on I suggest you check it out! When I realized the MASSACRE MARATHON was almost over, I turned on the sixth installment, Hellraiser: Hellseeker. I know the farther I get down this long list of sequels, the movies are going to get worse and worse. This one is where the shit really hits the fan.

I remember when you could turn to a Hellraiser film for creative Cenobites, a chilling atmosphere, a coherent story, and most of all, true horror. Those days seem to be long gone. Hellseeker likes to make you think you want to go crazy (if that makes any sense) by violently rocking you back and forth through protagonist Trevor’s battered psyche, to the point that you feel more queasy than the character. Dean Winters’ (Oz, P.S. I Love You) lead performance was atrocious at best. He is like a Tom Cruise that never changes facial expressions or lets you know what he is feeling.

The Cenobites all looked the same, except Pinhead of course. If the movie is going to suck at least make the demons interesting and unique! The flow of the plot (if you can even call it that) is the film adaptation of being strapped still to a chair while being tickled, tortured, and itchy all at the same time. I wanted to punch Trevor in the face to see if it would make it move. My head hurt like my brain was the stunt-brain for the lobotomy scene. I just wanted it to end. Definitely not looking forward to next year’s chapter.


1 jsipQWI- 9fdi3 out of 5*

*A visual representation of the film’s plot


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