Yes, I’m serious. Zombeavers is exactly what it looks like. When a tank of toxic waste is released into a river the beavers get the brunt of it. Now blood hungry, the rodents find there way to a party cabin inhabited by a group of rowdy young adults. Thus, the battle of Man vs. Zombeaver begins.


The premise of infected wild animals attacking isn’t a new one, but the direction Zombeavers takes it in is fresher than usual. It’s funny as hell and even has a few ounces of scares for good measure. The characters take time to stop and rib the typical tropes of general horror and even other horror/comedies, going as far as to scold each other about how repetitive their jokes are getting. The movie actually has a plot twist that caught me by surprise. The animatronic beavers used are a big departure from the usual CGI animals plaguing these types of films nowadays.


Jake Weary caught my eye when I realized he was from It Follows, a movie with a completely serious contrast to Zombeavers. It’s nice to know he can be funny, too. Prolific voice actor Fred Tatasciore lends his voice, making the beavers come to life with evil, disgusting noises. Those things are creepy for a mainly comedic film! This one below seems to be saying, “I’ll be back for the sequel!”


There’s not much else to be said about the grand enigma that is Zombeavers. Some would call it a masterpiece, purchasing a limited edition SteelBook. Others would condemn it, spitting on their rental copies like trash. I can only leave you with the magnificence of this screen grab from what I can only presume is the most awkward promotional interview eaver arranged. I guess I’ll leave that appropriate typo in…


4 mangy mammals out of 5



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