Night 21 came around and I decided to revisit what I consider an instant classic. It Follows is such a well made thrill I just had to bump its score up from a 4. I realized that, apart from my few initial nitpicks, it has so much to offer to a genre lacking originality and deserves a better grade. Some love it, some hate it, but if you ever have the chance to see It Follows be sure to give it a view. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did. Without further ado, I present to you the first ever updated Movie Manster review…

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Open Grave, starring Sharlto Copley (District 9, Elysium) and Erin Richards (Gotham), is about an amnesic man who wakes up in a large hole in the ground surrounded by DEAD BODIES. He is hoisted out by a mute woman and brought to a house in the woods where he, along with a small group of other people with missing memories, try to piece together who they are and what happened to them.

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