Open Grave, starring Sharlto Copley (District 9, Elysium) and Erin Richards (Gotham), is about an amnesic man who wakes up in a large hole in the ground surrounded by DEAD BODIES. He is hoisted out by a mute woman and brought to a house in the woods where he, along with a small group of other people with missing memories, try to piece together who they are and what happened to them.


I enjoyed the mystery for what it’s worth. I was worried at the start it would turn into a Lost situation where they would go in circles and nothing would make sense in the end, but Open Grave wraps itself up nicely. Some CRAZY people appear and I wish the film made more use of them to spice up the action. Also, by title, I was surprised how little the actual mass grave had to do with the plot, let alone how long the main character was stuck in it. I was anticipating more of a Saw “trapped in a room” plight.


The acting is admirable, but nothing spectacular. The viewer starts to figure out what is happening earlier than usual with a mysterious film like this (much like Goodnight Mommy), but it is intended and doesn’t ruin the storytelling in any way. Open Grave is a different take on a genre we all know and love and its alternate perspective is a refreshing take on what has been rehashed time and time again. It’s worth a watch.

4 “Who am I?”s out of 5



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