The Hole is a horror-lite film directed by Joe Dante (Gremlins, Small Soldiers) about a MENACING black void discovered in the basement of new neighbors Dane and Lucas. The girl next door tells them about a weird old man who lived there before them. The man disappeared, but his legacy remains…


The Hole zooms through the typical setup for this breed of film at mildly jarring but appreciated breakneck speed, skipping right to the action.  The movie has some eerie ideas but only takes them to a level of terror that would HORRIFY a 10-year-old and not anyone much older than that. It is comparable to a Goosebumps tale, like a silver screen adaptation of a children’s book of creepy stories. The acting hits the mark more or less, except for the boy who plays Dane. He always looks enthused and happy, oddly smirking even when the world is collapsing around him. The film has decent entertainment value, but is nowhere near the genius displayed in Dante’s other aforementioned work. The Hole is a great movie to put on to scare the kiddies, but probably won’t impress the grownups.


3 bottomless pits out of 5



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