Let me start off by mentioning my fear of freaky little monsters ranks high up there. Evil things like in Child’s Play, Leprechaun, and Puppet Master creep me out. As a small manster seeing those movies for the first time had me checking every cabinet, every nook and cranny in a room until I was convinced that there was no possible way any of these miniature killers could be hiding anywhere. So this film gets points from me right off the bat just for being about a pint-sized freak!

The title “Leprechaun 2″ might already be lowering your expectations, which is probably a good thing, because this movie isn’t winning any Oscars. However, I found a very unexpectedly genuine type of humor throughout the film. It seemed to be very self aware of how ridiculous it was. The high point was by far the bar scene, in which the ‘Chaun Man himself arrives at an Irish pub on St. Paddy’s day- and blends right in. Drinking games aren’t the only thing Leprechaun 2 has going for it. Warwick Davis (every fantasy movie ever) reprises his role as the titular baddie. His performance of this character is so charming and at the same time bitterly vile that you almost want to root for him but are glad when things don’t go his way. I love the first flick for being a straight up horror piece, but this installment is pretty great for a more comedic take. A fun movie to throw on when you’re tired of serious dramatics.


4 pieces of gold out of 5



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