SEED OF CHUCKY ft. Vampire’s Kiss + The Ruins

The pint-sized terror is back yet again to impregnate our burnt-out brains with another sequel. Seed of Chucky is the Child’s Play franchise’s open letter stating they are officially off the rails. Turning back from this is not an option.

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Let me start off by mentioning my fear of freaky little monsters ranks high up there. Evil things like in Child’s Play, Leprechaun, and Puppet Master creep me out. As a small manster seeing those movies for the first time had me checking every cabinet, every nook and cranny in a room until I was convinced that there was no possible way any of these miniature killers could be hiding anywhere. So this film gets points from me right off the bat just for being about a pint-sized freak!

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Bride of Chucky. Speaking the title out loud should be enough to steer you away from watching. Fair enough, you’d rather not risk it, it would probably be a waste of time. Luckily, there is a man (well, part-man) who braves films like this so you don’t have to. His duty is clear—he must wade through the cesspools of shit, searching for a diamond in the rough. When that gem is found he celebrates! Tonight, however, there will be no such festivity.

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I managed to make it to the theater late tonight after work to see the baby of The Conjuring director James Wan, Annabelle. A little over a year ago when I saw The Conjuring I found that the part that resonated with me the most was the intro sequence featuring the titular demonic doll. I was fairly surprised when I heard they where going to take that and make it into its own feature-length film. I was on board!
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