Never did I think this random movie I came across browsing Netflix would be worth my attention. I see it all the time. A film I have never heard of pops up. It has a badass cover/poster with something to pull me in. Then, I watch the movie only to find nothing from the cover made it in to the final cut, and if it does find its way in it doesn’t look nearly as good as advertised. This poster for Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead promises cool costumes, big guns and a horde of zombies.

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I went down under tonight with Australian horror film The Loved Ones. I have been hearing great things about this movie since its release. From just seeing the poster I knew I was in for a bumpy ride! I suspected the plot would involve an outcast girl who snaps and takes a hostage as a prom date, but I had no idea how far the film would take it after that.

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