A young boy gets curious about what his babysitter gets up to after he is put to bed. He spies on her and her friends playing an exceptionally mischievous game of truth or dare. The boy gets caught snooping and is brought downstairs to face the wrath of the evil sitter. Should have stayed upstairs, you little brat.

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Well whaddaya know!? Another Stephen King flick! Here’s a little hint: There are many more King adaptations ahead this MASSACRE MARATHON. Will Netflix’s new Gerald’s Game live up to the box office titan that is IT or will it be a let down? Push on, dear reader…

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Letterboxd: A New Home?


Just in case this Netflix stars-to-thumbs ratings simplification implementation isn’t revealed to be an elaborate “April Fool’s!” joke, I went and manually transferred all 1,668 of my movie ratings to Feel free to drop on by, laugh at my poor taste, leave a snarky comment, or maybe even follow me on there to keep track of what trouble I get into next. This WordPress blog will still be the primary channel for all of my morbidly mangled reviews, but stay tuned to the Letterboxd for ratings of movies I don’t get around to reviewing, lists of upcoming films to watch out for, and other motion picture-related  nonsense!

Stay Evil



Netflix’s newest addition to their massive catalog of originals dropped a couple of nights ago, just in time for Halloween. The trailer didn’t pique my interest but with my list of HORROR available to stream near depleted, I decided to give it a chance.

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At first glance The Veil seems like a cheap straight to video project starring nobodies and destined for Netflix’s long list of little movies that not even the open-minded really care about (think virtual bargain bin). But upon closer inspection, a few familiar names shine through from the top billed cast. Names like Jessica Alba (The Eye), Thomas Jane (The Mist) and Lily Rabe (American Horror Story). I have never seen The Eye, but I am a big fan of latter two films and also some of Alba’s other work. Continue reading



Going into Mr. Jones I was ready for the worst. Netflix predicted I would give it two stars and for someone like me to give a horror movie that bad of a rating surely meant the public reviews averaged out to be less than two stars. On the surface it looked like one of those movies where the budget is tiny and the story would be lacking. I anticipated a slow, boring trod through the woods with a 2-man cast and a bunch of creepy stick-scarecrows. Nothing scary or supernatural would happen and the ending would reveal the characters jumping at their own shadows, effectively wasting the viewers time. Basically, I prepared myself for a RIPOFF of The Blair Witch Project. Continue reading



Every time I hear someone mention The Lost Boys it is in a fondly reminiscent tone. The general consensus seems to be that this film is a legend in its own right. When I would tell them I had never seen it, people would gasp in disbelief. Even Netflix has been hassling me with relentless recommendations to rent it. Now I have finally gotten around to it, with positive expectations. Without wasting your time with the specific details, I can tell you this movie made me feel sore, and not just from this guy’s gyrating hips.


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Never did I think this random movie I came across browsing Netflix would be worth my attention. I see it all the time. A film I have never heard of pops up. It has a badass cover/poster with something to pull me in. Then, I watch the movie only to find nothing from the cover made it in to the final cut, and if it does find its way in it doesn’t look nearly as good as advertised. This poster for Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead promises cool costumes, big guns and a horde of zombies.

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Dust Devil is a 1992 South African horror film set on the desert border of S.A. and Namibia. A shapeshifting demon hitchhiker is out for blood when a runaway woman picks him up. They become lovers but things change when the demon tries to take her life. A policeman is hot on the trail of deaths and is getting close to catching the serial killing shapeshifter, but will he find him in time?

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When the best thing your film has going for you is the poster art you know you have a big problem. This was the case with Almost Human, an alien abduction movie where the only abduction scene is in the first five minutes. This movie could’ve cut the alien part of the story out and it would have been the same stinking pile of uninspired mess. Very rarely do I watch a movie where I end up rooting for it to end part way through.

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