I need to watch something good to get rid of the afterthoughts of The Den. Something that is actually scary, something that will truly entertain me. I want it to have realistic gore, an engaging plot, and top of the line acting. What’s this? Murder Party?

(80 mins later)

Ah, fuck.

Why did I think this B movie would make up for that waste of time flick from last night? From the synopsis I got the totally wrong idea of what to expect. I thought it was going to be a movie that took itself at least a little bit seriously. I was ready for a big production filled with different kills and plenty of victims. I envisioned a sort of “murder maze” with the guests running through like mice and our main character coming out on top. What I got was an extended beyond belief CollegeHumor video about art-school hipsters stroking their own egos while the protagonist on the poster is tied up to a chair most of the time.

I did laugh at the start. There were a few original, authentically funny gags. However, as this COMEDY-horror went on, I laughed less and checked my clock more. Eventually, characters just start doing random things for no reason. Halfway through I actually had to rewind to see if I missed something. Turns out I didn’t.

The gore effects had an amount of effort put into them that I wouldn’t expect from a low-budget film like Murder Party and I liked the personality and style of the main character but I wish he got to do more than he did with the role. Those two opinions don’t weigh enough to tip the scales as this was a disappointing film with potential that makes me wonder what could have been. Unless you like laughing at a YouTube skit about over the top self-involved artistes for over an hour, skip this one.


2 “jokes that fall flat” out of 5


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