Shocker is a forgotten movie Wes Craven (Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, other awesome stuff) made mid way through his career, bless his soul. I’ve never heard anyone else talk about this film so I hope this review will convince you to give it a watch. It’s bloody, has a sense of humor, and has a great villain. It’s all around electrifying fun!


When a serial killer is on the loose and can’t be caught, a teen gets pulled into his line of fire. The kid ends up assisting with the arrest and is present for the convict’s execution when something goes terribly wrong. The murderer does get fried but his body disintegrates, leaving him able to transfer into and take over anyone’s body while wreaking havoc through anything electrical. He is menacing with a sarcastic side, played perfectly by Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files).


The special effects, from silly gags to at the time (1989) what must have been high quality visuals, never disappoint. Seeing the killer slip in and out of innocent bystanders like a fuzzy demon from another wavelength is entertaining. He even starts to travel through wall sockets and television screens! Some of the ways he uses his powers do run parallel to Freddy Krueger’s style, but it’s not a blunt rip-off. He really cements his spot at the table of memorable horror movie protagonists. I would definitely recommend Shocker to an audience that doesn’t mind chuckle-worthy one-liners. It’s campy and very goofy at times, with a story like something a high school student might write, but it mixes together so well. It is the kind of movie you should watch if you need a break from movies that take themselves too seriously, or like me recently, are having a bad streak.tv8

5 executions gone wrong out of 5


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