Haunters: The Art of the Scare gives a look behind the screams at the creators of “home haunts”, horror themed walk-throughs that pop up around Halloween. They have been getting pretty extreme lately as the hardcore fans have been asking for more and more, but how far it too far?

Haunters is a decent bird’s eye view of the subculture, but it doesn’t share much of anything new. The main appeal is the insight given into the man behind the infamous McKamey Manor, Russ McKamey. Over the past few years his super intense haunting ordeal has risen to be the most questioned about haunt, first by going viral and now more recently by the mainstream media. McKamey is less of a spooky maze and more a torture-by-consent type deal. If you have never heard of McKamey’s notoriously sick experience then this documentary will catch you up to speed. However, if you already know about him, this feature doesn’t shed a lot of new light on his brand of sinister thrills and could probably be skipped. There isn’t that much Haunters necessarily does wrong, but it doesn’t evoke the same emotional connection that The American Scream did, so (if you haven’t already) go with that instead.


3 deaths by couch out of 5



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