Under the Shadow is a 2016 horror film set in 1980’s war-torn Iran. A small family in a apartment building is coping with the already dangerous situation when an inexplicable presence starts to plague them. As if living in a frequently bombed city isn’t scary enough…

The film was not as good as I had hoped. After its release I was hearing all kinds of praise but it underwhelmed me greatly. That’s not to say it was terrible but it didn’t bring anything amazing to the genre. Just because you have a slightly underused setting and a simple allegorical backdrop, it doesn’t automatically elevate your film above similar titles such as The Conjuring. The villain of the story is a living bed sheet, for Creator’s sake! You’re better off checking out A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and The Devil’s Backbone for comparable yet superior features.


2 carnivorous quilted cloaks out of 5



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