CUBE ZERO ft. Invasion on Chestnut Ridge + Club Dread

On the cusp of Saw breaking big, Cube Zero was the final attempt at propelling this franchise about people being stuck in elaborate traps into the mainstream. Directed by Cube 2: Hypercube producer Ernie Barbarash, it is the third film in the bunch and a prequel to the original. It showcases not only the amnesiac captives navigating the ever-shifting prison but also the guards in the control room tasked with watching over the mayhem.

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Haunters: The Art of the Scare gives a look behind the screams at the creators of “home haunts”, horror themed walk-throughs that pop up around Halloween. They have been getting pretty extreme lately as the hardcore fans have been asking for more and more, but how far it too far?

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This was my official documentary of the season; I usually try to review at least one MORBID true tale every October. I believe I can keep this short and sweet, much like H.H. Holmes: AFSK did. Continue reading



The Nightmare is a documentary about sleep paralysis and the tolls it takes on its victims. The film uses reenactments complete with special effects to translate real accounts of the disorder to the screen. Eight people tell stories of specific incidents they have encountered, including a T.V. news anchor contacting them through the screen and mysterious demonic shadow people invading the bedroom.

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Tonight I had to pick something to watch with a short run-time because I had a prior football obligation. In fact, the poor Vikings probably felt more dread and despair tonight than any horror movie could generate in a soul-crushing 10-42 loss. GO PACKERS!

I decided to pick from a few documentaries on my queue and The Real Story: Amityville Horror happened to have the shortest length. This has been the third or fourth docu-style production I have taken in, not including some of the fictional movies, so I had a feeling it wouldn’t bring anything new to the table. I was mostly right, apart from an interview of the next door neighbors kid that grew up around the DeFeo family before the incident. Continue reading