When the first sequel to Insidious was announced I rolled my eyes. To my surprise it turned out to be a worthy addition to the story. When Insidious: Chapter 3 was announced I rolled my eyes even harder. I knew for a fact there was nowhere they could take this story that would result in something positive. My senses didn’t fail me.

Chapter 3 doesn’t bring the viewers anywhere they haven’t been before with the first two installments. Series writer Leigh Whannell takes up the helm of director after the departure of James Wan (Saw, The Conjuring) and it’s apparent. Wan was smart to hand over the reins after making two successful and memorable movies. Instead of a third Insidious he decided to go and make the SEVENTH Fast & Furious film, but hey it got generally favorable reviews, so more power to him!


Chapter 3 has its moments, like the quote above. The Man Who Can’t Breathe is a frightening villain. He’s a ghost of an old man who probably died of lung cancer. He staggers around in a hospital gown with black goo dripping down his face under an oxygen mask, leaving sticky, vile black footprints where he treads. The concept of being stalked by this nightmarish figure is haunting, but when combined with the terrible story and acting, it unfortunately goes to waste. Instead of forcing The Man Who Can’t Breathe into a sequel they should have given him his own movie. I’ll let you figure out what the obvious title would be (TMWCB).


Insidious: Chapter 3 is 100% jump scares. At no time did I feel scared without being forced by a loud music cue. The main character gets hit by a car, which was pretty brutal, binding her to a wheelchair with casts on both legs. Later on she gets possessed and stands up despite her injuries, depicted on the poster at the top. She then proceeds to slam and kick her casts on the edge of the bed frame in what was a hilariously misguided attempt at making the audience sick in the gut. I laughed my ass off. The girl’s father is the stereotypical movie single parent. He forgets so many things about his children that it makes me wonder if he is even really a dad. How does he not notice his own daughter became a vegetarian?!

Lin Shaye returns as the medium from the other films. While she is a welcome familiar face, she doesn’t add anything fresh to the plot. Her two assistants/buffoons also make an appearance, when they would have been better off left out completely. I don’t need comic relief when the movie is already laughably bad. If you are considering viewing the newest entry of Insidious, take a hard pass. All of the necessities can be found in the previous chapters.

2 icky oxygen masks out of 5



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