After feeling lukewarm about The Conjuring, I wasn’t in a rush to see the cleverly titled sequel The Conjuring 2. I anticipated the same type of bullshit Insidious: Chapter 3 tried to pull, but I figured since I just saw Sinister 2 this would kind of follow the theme, being they are both recent sequels to popular horror movies. Would this be a cheap cash grab or would it turn out alright?


The Conjuring 2 managed to get me on edge a few times. While the couple of jump scares early on had me worried the film was going in the wrong direction, it got legitimately scarier as it went on. The evil nun brought a MENACING presence to every scene it was included in and apparently was popular enough with audiences to warrant its own spinoff (a la Annabelle). The scene that stood out the most was when the kid’s nursery rhyme comes to life. That monster was played by none other than Javier Botet (Mama, [REC]), an interesting looking actor notorious for his roles as odd creatures similar to Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth).


James Wan’s second crack at the series focuses more on the Warren family’s struggle to keep their sanity. All of these DEMONS and GHOSTS showing up starts to take a toll on your psyche, you know. I liked the deeper look into their private lives, something the original didn’t touch on much. It got a little cheesy towards the end, but the theatrics made for decent entertainment. Not often does a sequel outdo its predecessor, but in this case it does. I would take The Conjuring 2 over The Conjuring 1 any day.

The Conjuring 4 out of The Conjuring 5 stars


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