Welcome to MASSACRE MARATHON 2016! It seems to be a budding tradition that I must watch a comedy/horror out of New Zealand. Last year I started the celebrations with the excellent What We Do in the Shadows and tonight I kicked it all off with Housebound. I had heard pretty good things about the latter for a couple years now so I decided to test the validity of the warm reception. Jump on in folks, it’s time to party!


I enjoyed Housebound for what it was. The problem with that is it wasn’t even close to the caliber of comedy or horror than I was expecting. A girl moves back in with her mother after being placed on house arrest and soon discovers her familiar surroundings are haunted…and maybe they always were. Now, that sounds to me like a great setup for either a hilarious comedy or more likely a terrifyingly scary movie! But Housebound feels like it doesn’t want to commit to any one particular direction and it is a detriment to its quality. The comedy just barely EEKs by and the scariest thing to happen involves…

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.43.24 PM.png

YES you guessed it! A stuffed bear! The build up to the bear scenes actually starts to amass a decent amount of fear but is quickly stifled by the massive amount unnecessary twists let loose by the writers soon after. The funny thing is, usually that complaint is followed by “There are so many plot twists that knock the film off course and it starts convolution everything into obscurity. NOTHING MAKES SENSE!!!”, but with Housebound everything fits snugly in place. Then why do I have a problem with it, you ask? Simple. Too much of a good thing. You only need a handful of twists to really make your story POP and these filmmakers went overboard. There is nothing in particular to hate but there is nothing to love either. Aside from a few underutilized but likable characters (I’m lookin’ at you Amos!) and mildly entertaining goofs, Housebound barely keeps itself upright and worthy of a viewers attention.

3 houses built on lukewarm feelings out of 5




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