A farmer and his sister are making a killing serving up the best breakfast meals at a motel for miles around. Just don’t ask him where he gets his special ingredients because “It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent fritters!”


Motel Hell is everything The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is, but in comedy form. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite cult classics, with one of the best taglines ever conceived. The film was first envisioned as a straight-line horror production, but eventually took a turn to the humorous side. They were so worried it would steer patrons away that they didn’t put anything comedic on most of the promotional material before release. I sure am glad they went in that direction because if this movie had a completely serious tone then I guarantee it wouldn’t have turned out well.

With the exception of the people well-versed in the genre of horror, many have never heard of this movie, which is a shame because they are missing out. Compared to other horror movies that are not intentionally bad, Motel Hell knows exactly what it’s doing. It is the perfect 80’s flick to kick back with friends and make fun of on a Saturday night with a couple of drinks. After all, Farmer Vincent is in on the joke!


4 succulent squealin’ sausage sacks out of 5



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