TRICK OR TREATS ft. The Strangers: Prey at Night + Final Exam

Trick or Treats is the bargain bin, off-brand Trick ‘r Treat Mom says you have at home. Not an anthology, the movie is about the son of magicians being babysat on Halloween night by the most gullible sitter in the world. I have to be more careful with which doorbells I ring.

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Tales of Halloween is following the new trend of everything being an anthology. I guess the studios’ figure that when throwing a bunch of small self-contained stories at the wall something will stick. Well, with this movie, everything slides down the wall and into a garbage can.

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Trick ‘r Treat is a Halloween staple. It is the embodiment of the holiday, just like its mascot Sam (pictured above) is the manifestation of Halloween himself. The film ties a handful of terror-ific tales together brilliantly into an anthology that invokes laughs, SCREAMS, and everything in between.

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