Trick ‘r Treat is a Halloween staple. It is the embodiment of the holiday, just like its mascot Sam (pictured above) is the manifestation of Halloween himself. The film ties a handful of terror-ific tales together brilliantly into an anthology that invokes laughs, SCREAMS, and everything in between.


Almost every kind of classic horror is represented one way or another, even down to the real life urban legends still giving people GOOSEBUMPS today. This movie is just plain fun! Watching Trick ‘r Treat leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling in my black hole of a heart, a feeling it rarely experiences. It was such a shame that Michael Dougherty couldn’t work the same kind of magic on his Christmas film Krampus. However, with Trick ‘r Treat 2 supposedly in the works, there is still hope for a grand successor. If you are a fan of the Halloween season, GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO SEE THIS! Treat yo self!


5 special Samhains out of 5



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