GOOD BOY ft. The Forest + Final Destination 5

I believe this is my first foray into Into the Dark on Hulu, the Blumhouse conception aimed to please those who run out to see any half-assed horror flick in theaters by producing these bite-sized, holiday themed options that are available right at home. I second-guess myself because there are so many now that it’s hard to keep track of what I may have turned on one random night before passing out in my Beefaroni. Into the Dark classifies itself as a TV anthology series, but I hate to break it to ya: when your “episodes” are all feature-lengths (80mins or above), are self-contained with completely different casts, and there are monthly gaps between releases, then they are movies not shows.

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Tales of Halloween is following the new trend of everything being an anthology. I guess the studios’ figure that when throwing a bunch of small self-contained stories at the wall something will stick. Well, with this movie, everything slides down the wall and into a garbage can.

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Trick ‘r Treat is a Halloween staple. It is the embodiment of the holiday, just like its mascot Sam (pictured above) is the manifestation of Halloween himself. The film ties a handful of terror-ific tales together brilliantly into an anthology that invokes laughs, SCREAMS, and everything in between.

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