I remember back when this came out I was intrigued. It had so many notable names attached to it and seemed like a good piss take of The Nightmare Before Christmas due to the type of animation. Although it piqued my interest, other more important films took up my time and I left Hell and Back for another MASSACRE MARATHON. Well, I finally got around to watching it and this was my face two minutes in.


Just look at that face. It says it all. Confusion, disgust, anger, embarrassment. This is exactly the type of movie you dread accidentally taking a first date too. I once unknowingly took a date to see a horror movie with a gratuitously long and GRAPHIC rape scene, but I was still better off than taking her to see Hell and Back. The movie kicks off with a slew of poorly timed dick jokes and then it ends. There is no in-between or change of pace, no breath of fresh air anywhere to be found. Only a stale, relentless onslaught of potty mouth humor that makes the film seem like it was written by some kid trying to impress his immature friends when their parents are away. I am relieved to find that none of the talented comedians involved were part of the writer’s circle, or I might have had to bump them down on the list after this. Seriously, how can you fuck up a comedy starring the likes of innovative comedic geniuses such as T.J. Miller, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford, Bob Odenkirk, H. Jon Benjamin, Danny McBride, Kumail Nanjiani…I can’t bear to list them all, this whole thing is making me depressed.


Hell and Back is a shitty production featuring shitty animation made for people with shitty senses of humor and if you enjoyed it then you’re a shitty person.* If comedy films had a definitive spectrum to observe, Hell and Back would be all the way to the left and something like Team America: World Police would be all the way to the right. Both the same sub-genres of comedy, but one is EXECUTED to near-perfection and the other is a slapped together abomination. Do your brain cells a favor and don’t watch it.


1 c*** s***ing f***ermagoo out of 5


*DISCLAIMER: MovieManster, LLC represents itself as open to all types of comedic tastes and respects all opinions of every reader (no matter how unsound). The company is not responsible for any issues, ailments, or malcontent that may arise from any reader’s indiscretion.


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