At first glance The Veil seems like a cheap straight to video project starring nobodies and destined for Netflix’s long list of little movies that not even the open-minded really care about (think virtual bargain bin). But upon closer inspection, a few familiar names shine through from the top billed cast. Names like Jessica Alba (The Eye), Thomas Jane (The Mist) and Lily Rabe (American Horror Story). I have never seen The Eye, but I am a big fan of latter two films and also some of Alba’s other work.


The Veil doesn’t have many flaws, but at the same time it doesn’t have much to stand on. It might have to do with its predictability at every turn. Once shit starts rolling downhill, there aren’t very many things that average moviegoers won’t see coming. Jane is almost unrecognizable in character (in a good way) and steals the show in most aspects, even when his Jonestown-inspired dialogue verges on hammy. The camerawork is what pissed me off the most. 50% of the shots are made with a (poorly calibrated?) fish-eye lens. I’m assuming this was the filmmaker’s take on The Evil Dead‘s “EVIL spirits flying through the woods” but in execution they only managed to make the characters pointlessly bend around the outside of the frame and the viewer unreasonably queasy.


I started to get bored towards the end. The Veil is at its best in its first half, when Rabe’s character is rediscovering the house where she lost her family to mass SUICIDE, but before the film reels they find in said house are almost done being explored. That might not make much sense, but it’s all can share with you without spoiling this movie you’ll probably putoninthebackgroundwhenothermoreimportantthingsaregoingon. I would give the actors’ performances a barely passing grade even though I can’t blame them for what they were given to work with. You can throw this one into the “wasted talent” pile, especially for the trio mentioned above. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend The Veil, but if you do decide to lift up the cloth I can’t promise you’ll like what you SEE.

3 moreimportantthings out of 5



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