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This was my official documentary of the season; I usually try to review at least one MORBID true tale every October. I believe I can keep this short and sweet, much like H.H. Holmes: AFSK did.


The film is brief, with the runtime of about an hour, but gets directly to the point. It doesn’t have many high points of excitement but it serves its purpose of being educational. I was interested in this Holmes character after seeing a fictional version of him portrayed by Evan Peters on American Horror Story: Hotel. In both instances I wish they went into further detail with the exact specifications of the horror hotel Holmes ran for…certain reasons. It would have made H.H.H:ASFK more fascinating if they had live reenactments of the torture rooms in action instead of the black and white hand drawn mock-ups. I appreciated how thorough the researchers were with presenting the facts. There are so many true crime stories that seem to rehash the same clues over and over to fill time and then end with no kind of satisfying resolution. The gloomy black and white facade of Aych Aych Aych Ayy Ess Eff Kay will please those looking for the accurate, comprehensive details of the H.H. Holmes murderpedia, but might be too dull for viewers fiending for a scare.

4 ridiculously long titles out of 5


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