DIGGING UP THE MARROW ft. Prom Night + Grabbers

Digging Up the Marrow is a passion piece created by indie horror director Adam Green (Hatchet, Holliston) and Alex Pardee, an artist known mostly for designing album covers for bands such as The Used and In Flames. The story centers around Adam Green (playing a version of himself) preparing a documentary on a collection of artwork featuring colorful yet grotesque creatures. When he is contacted by a mysterious man played by Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, Dead End) who claims he can prove the monsters are real, Adam sets out to ascertain if the man is legit or fibbin’.

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Some scary movies are so unintentionally bad they make you leave the theater laughing. Others don’t present themselves as comedic until halfway through. In this case, I knew what I was getting into. I heard great things about Juan of the Dead. No, it’s not a sequel to Shaun of the Dead, but it is just as funny in my opinion.

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