At first glance The Veil seems like a cheap straight to video project starring nobodies and destined for Netflix’s long list of little movies that not even the open-minded really care about (think virtual bargain bin). But upon closer inspection, a few familiar names shine through from the top billed cast. Names like Jessica Alba (The Eye), Thomas Jane (The Mist) and Lily Rabe (American Horror Story). I have never seen The Eye, but I am a big fan of latter two films and also some of Alba’s other work. Continue reading





It had been such a long time since I first laid my eyes upon the classic Re-Animator that I had forgotten most of what happens in the movie. I figured it would be good to go back and revisit the film not only for nostalgia sake, but to prepare myself for the sequels I have never seen. Re-Animator is about a medical scientist obsessed with bringing the freshly deceased back to life with his fluorescent glowing green mystery serum. He does everything he can to further his experiments, including convincing a fellow med student to be his “Igor”. Things begin to spiral out of control as the scientist starts leaving behind a wake of alive-yet-dead subjects. Continue reading



Part 1: The Evil Dead

Part 2: Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn

♆♆♆- I have already seen this movie.

The third and final leg of Ash’s adventure, Army of Darkness, sees him (and his car) being transported back in time to the year 1300 AD. He is immediately discovered by a battalion of knights and brought as a prisoner to their castle. After proving he is not an enemy, the community relies on Ash and his knowledge of technology to stop the advances of the ancient evil dead. The 1992 film stars Bruce Campbell yet again, alongside Embeth Davidtz (Schindler’s List) in her first big American movie role.

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Part 1: The Evil Dead

♆♆♆- I have already seen this movie.

Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn is the 1987 semi-remake sequel to The Evil Dead starring look-alike actors portraying generally the same characters from the first film but within a different timeline, with Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash. This time around, Sam Raimi had a much larger budget to work with. This movie is great, but it fell short of being the best of the trilogy because of how humorous and over the top it was.

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♆♆♆- I have already seen this movie.

The classic of camp, Sam Raimi’s prized possession, The Evil Dead kicked off this year’s Halloween MASSACRE MARATHON trilogy! That’s right! I am not only reviewing the masterpiece that launched Raimi’s career, I’m taking on both sequels that followed! First, I would like to thank everyone that stopped by this season, whether it was for one review or you’ve been following my whole horrific journey this past month. I’m obviously not making any money from this, I’m not promoting for some company, I’m doing the MASSACRE MARATHON for myself and for my readers! It’s great fun to have a whole month dedicated to my favorite genre of film, but it is also hard work writing reviews for every day in October. I am proud to announce this year is the first year I have successfully written a review for every day and every movie in the MASSACRE MARATHON and let me tell you it feels great looking at that calender and seeing every single DAMN DAY highlighted! Now, without further ado…

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♆♆♆- I have already seen this movie.

It has been a long while since I first gathered around the campfire and watched Eli Roth’s classic debut. This is Roth’s first feature film and his breakout into the industry. He has become one of the directors whose name is synonymous with horror. Before there was Hostel, there was Cabin Fever. Continue reading