SATANIC PANIC ft. Jigsaw + Lords of Chaos

Satanic Panic initially had me believing it and We Summon the Darkness were one and the same. I must have heard about the latter being in production and then saw the former’s poster because it looked like Alexandra Daddario on it, but is in fact newcomer Hayley Griffith. Satanic Panic opens up with an innocent enough but low-tier atmosphere. However, after getting over the initial hump, this flick picks up the pace.

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1BR ft. The Belko Experiment + The Last Witch Hunter

What would you do to find the perfect place to live while trying to break into the Hollywood fashion industry? Lie about pets? Take care of the elderly? What if I told you in order for your rental application to be accepted, you had to watch 1BR from start to finish every day for the next month? Oh, the HORROR!!!

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John Landis’ (Animal House, Coming to America) passion project An American Werewolf in London is a comedy/horror hybrid known for its graphic, drawn out werewolf transformation scene. It also is known for shooting practical effects artist Rick Baker into stardom. In fact, Baker won the first ever Oscar for Best Makeup with his contribution to the film. Those things aside, I was a little let down with the overall package.

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I’m beginning to think Italian horror is not for me. These “classics” made by “legends” are turning out to be way over hyped, even from a cult following standpoint. First, I was disappointed with Cannibal Holocaust. Now, I am flabbergasted by Italian “horror pioneer” Dario Argento’s Inferno.

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At first glance The Veil seems like a cheap straight to video project starring nobodies and destined for Netflix’s long list of little movies that not even the open-minded really care about (think virtual bargain bin). But upon closer inspection, a few familiar names shine through from the top billed cast. Names like Jessica Alba (The Eye), Thomas Jane (The Mist) and Lily Rabe (American Horror Story). I have never seen The Eye, but I am a big fan of latter two films and also some of Alba’s other work. Continue reading