EVIL DEAD ft. Terrifier + Creep 2

Evil Dead, not be confused with The Evil Dead, is first-time writer/director Fede Alvarez’s 2013 semi-remake of the 1981 Sam Raimi classic. Dumb poster tagline aside, it’s an adept interpretation of the original. Nu-Dead didn’t fully hit the mark for me, but it stills reaches the lofty goal of my rewatchable zone.

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starry-eyes-dvd cover

Starry Eyes is a film about a young Hollywood hopeful who is stuck at a dead-end waitress job. She is at a new casting call every week but she never gets any callbacks. What starts out as just another rejection turns out to be rewarding in a strange way. She is asked to perform in unusual ways but she agrees and gets the part. It’s only when she has the meeting with the film’s producer that she realizes there is a big catch. It turns out it takes a lot to be transformed into one of the greats.

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