THE MESSENGERS ft. Malevolent + In the Tall Grass

The Messengers takes me back to the distant time when lead Kristen Stewart (Twilight, Underwater) wasn’t world famous for being a sparkly vampire. God, saying that out loud makes me feel old.

Dylan McDermott (American Horror Story, The Clovehitch Killer) plays a man just trying to keep his family afloat. After his daughter fucks up big time, he moves his clan out into the countryside to harvest sunflowers to recoup some lost dollars. What he doesn’t realize is the farmhouse he chose to reside in has a sinister past.


I recognize the era of 2000’s ghost movie SFX will only get less and less pleasant as time goes on but to me The Messengers holds up fairly well. I still enjoyed the combined elements of The Birds and Asian spirit shockers. This film was shaped by the emerging era of westernized remakes of Asian horror like The Ring and The Grudge and it shows. The Heath Ledger knockoff they got to be the mysterious stranger did well enough, although naturally anyone would have preferred the real thing. There is even a cameo by fellow Twilight Saga alum Jodelle Ferland (Silent Hill, ParaNorman).

Being a PG-13 affair, The Messengers delivers little to no gore, but remains entertaining enough to go back to when you need a simple, straightforward flick to depend on.

4 *CAW!! CAW!!!*s out of 5





Nothingtoseeheremovealong. Well, there’s Florence Pugh before she blew up but…yeah, skip it.

1 Netflix dump out of 5





Netflix’s third Stephen King adaptation breaks even between the competent (Gerald’s Game) and the abysmal (1922). In the Tall Grass is an interesting concept that visually satisfies but ultimately needed to be reigned in logically. Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring, Fargo) is always a treat, but even he can’t help this short story that probably should have not been given the feature length treatment. Best viewed before going through a corn maze.

3 seeds of evil out of 5



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