After feeling lukewarm about The Conjuring, I wasn’t in a rush to see the cleverly titled sequel The Conjuring 2. I anticipated the same type of bullshit Insidious: Chapter 3 tried to pull, but I figured since I just saw Sinister 2 this would kind of follow the theme, being they are both recent sequels to popular horror movies. Would this be a cheap cash grab or would it turn out alright?

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After seeing the trailer for Sinister 2, I made the easy decision to avoid catching it in the theater. There are so many modern horror sequels that take a steep nosedive off of their predecessor’s success and this one appears to be no different, even on the surface. You would think whoever made the trailer would at least make an effort to cloud the the blatant DAMAGE done. Continue reading



The Unborn is a film from 2009 about a girl in college who starts having nightmares and visions of a creepy kid. She soon finds out that she had a twin brother that died before they were born, so she tries to find the connection. Is it all in her head or is something sinister really happening? Continue reading



Dust Devil is a 1992 South African horror film set on the desert border of S.A. and Namibia. A shapeshifting demon hitchhiker is out for blood when a runaway woman picks him up. They become lovers but things change when the demon tries to take her life. A policeman is hot on the trail of deaths and is getting close to catching the serial killing shapeshifter, but will he find him in time?

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The Nightmare is a documentary about sleep paralysis and the tolls it takes on its victims. The film uses reenactments complete with special effects to translate real accounts of the disorder to the screen. Eight people tell stories of specific incidents they have encountered, including a T.V. news anchor contacting them through the screen and mysterious demonic shadow people invading the bedroom.

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I managed to make it to the theater late tonight after work to see the baby of The Conjuring director James Wan, Annabelle. A little over a year ago when I saw The Conjuring I found that the part that resonated with me the most was the intro sequence featuring the titular demonic doll. I was fairly surprised when I heard they where going to take that and make it into its own feature-length film. I was on board!
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