The Final Girls (not to be confused with Final Girl) is a comedy/horror film about the daughter, Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story), of a washed up scream queen, Malin Akerman (Watchmen). Max always admired her mother’s work, even when Nancy didn’t herself. When Nancy passes away, Max agrees to make an appearance at a film festival showcasing her mother’s films. A disaster ensues and Max, along with a few friends, get magically transported into her mother’s movie “Camp Bloodbath”.

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Predator 2 is on the menu, and while it’s probably not the best movie for generating jolly holiday spirit (see above), it serves up a wholesome platter of action and blood. To watch Predator 2 is to take a trip back to the early 90s, where bright neon was all the rage, gangbangers looked like gay strippers, and Gary Busey was still making the rounds. Yikes!

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Every time I hear someone mention The Lost Boys it is in a fondly reminiscent tone. The general consensus seems to be that this film is a legend in its own right. When I would tell them I had never seen it, people would gasp in disbelief. Even Netflix has been hassling me with relentless recommendations to rent it. Now I have finally gotten around to it, with positive expectations. Without wasting your time with the specific details, I can tell you this movie made me feel sore, and not just from this guy’s gyrating hips.


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