SEED OF CHUCKY ft. Vampire’s Kiss + The Ruins

The pint-sized terror is back yet again to impregnate our burnt-out brains with another sequel. Seed of Chucky is the Child’s Play franchise’s open letter stating they are officially off the rails. Turning back from this is not an option.

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I’m beginning to think Italian horror is not for me. These “classics” made by “legends” are turning out to be way over hyped, even from a cult following standpoint. First, I was disappointed with Cannibal Holocaust. Now, I am flabbergasted by Italian “horror pioneer” Dario Argento’s Inferno.

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Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever) holds a special place in my cold, crumpled HEART. Whenever I hear about a new project involving him I enthusiastically anticipate its release. When The Green Inferno was announced, however, I was hesitant. I had already seen Cannibal Holocaust and didn’t think much of that so I didn’t have any hope for a practical remake. The trailer didn’t seem to have any substance, I thought it looked like a carbon copy of its predecessor, and when it was finally released the critics were not very kind. Continue reading



I thought after watching two stinkers in a row that were made not too long ago I would watch something that’s considered a classic in the horror genre. Cannibal Holocaust is regarded as notorious in the horror community so I thought I was guaranteed an end to this streak of shitty films that is forming. Apparently, not even 1980 can quell my woes.

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