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“All Bets Are Off”. Wow, not the tagline I would choose. That sounds like they are giving up on the franchise and just putting out whatever crap they can slap together. It’s a nod to Las Vegas, since that’s where the characters eventually end up, but it still doesn’t put forth a pleasant image. It undercuts the over-the-top but fun action film Resident Evil: Extinction provides.

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The Final Destination is woven in a web of lies. Despite having almost an identical title as the original (a la Fast & Furious), it is not a remake, it is actually the fourth film in the series. Death did not save the best for 3D, as the poster claims, considering the three previous films were each better in every way. 3D might actually be the worst aspect of this pile of trash. Lastly, I would be hard pressed to even call this a movie, rather than a poorly strung together string of limply supported shock pieces.

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This movie is an embarrassment. Hot on the heels of its predecessor, Final Destination 2 aims to cash in on the consumers and become what Hollywood thinks every horror movie needs to turn into- A FRANCHISE WITH ENDLESS SEQUELS. It blows my mind that this drivel came out only a year before the horror genre-revitalizing Saw. At least after that we were safe from countless sequ- OH WAIT, SAW DID IT TOO. However, I thought that franchise only started to go off the deep-end with the sixth and seventh installments when the suspenseful story behind the torture porn fizzled out. With Final Destination, it only took a second film to ruin it. Continue reading